WA Travel Experiences

Created For Families

You asked and we are delivering!

After speaking to the Western Australian family community on finding out what they want from their local getaways, we are thrilled to introduce our 3 NIGHT GETAWAYS. These experiences haven’t been ‘thrown together’, they have been thoughtfully created with families at the forefront; not to mention a number of these experiences are EXCLUSIVE to The Family Travel Company.

We search the State for like-minded WA businesses who can offer our clients authentic family-oriented experiences. There is a reason why we haven’t used the term ‘family-friendly’…

What Do We Mean By Family-Oriented?

Being family-oriented is about demonstrating friendly, thoughtful attention and consideration that respects modern family dynamics, which far transcends what is traditionally referred to as ‘family-friendly’.

Family Service Standards

Our WA Travel Partners have been hand-selected to meet strict criteria based on our very own Family Service Standards. These standards go above and beyond day to day customer service delivery expectations and satisfaction.

They represent the kind of businesses that are highly respected in their local communities and offer unique and personalised products or services.

More About Us

Nominate Your Favourite WA Business

We would love to hear from the WA family community and find out where you enjoy holidaying within the State and why. Furthermore, if you would like to nominate a local WA business to become a Travel Partner, please go to our WA Travel Partner page.