I met Eleanor at a networking event and it was perfect timing for me… [because] it filled me with dread thinking about all of the organising, the hassle, booking the flights, where we go, where’s the best place to stay… from the minute [Eleanor] started sharing with me what she does, I thought, you are the perfect person. All the hard work is done for you.

Bella Freeman | Regional Vice President - Arbonne

Families are under so much more pressure and time is a valuable commodity. Providing a full-service holiday development with enhanced features including each clients’ specific particulars, Eleanor manages all requirements in fine detail. With specific destination knowledge and handpicked services, ensures packages provide families with the “whole experience”. I’ve witnessed many changes in the travel and tourism industry over the past 25 years, it’s so lovely to see heart, passion and real customer service is back. With a fresh approach to old school travel concepts, the Family Travel Company, truly is the family vacation experts

Angela Turner | Principal of Blooming Tourism

I have always had the belief that if you do something, you do it will all your heart and make sure it is memorable. I am a stickler for detail, but I believe I have not only met my match but have found someone who has truly exceeded all my expectations. I met with Eleanor Chappell from The Family Travel Company back in July 2019 and showed her a few images of what I had in mind and within days she sent back a ‘Vision Board’. I knew there was no turning back and this woman seriously had her finger on the pulse. She was truly able to understand how to customise and put together an unforgettable experience. More importantly, I felt at peace knowing that I was accepted for who I am. The Family Travel Company really does go beyond the cliché of family friendly, they celebrate diversity, inclusion, friendship and love no matter who you are.

Rosemary Hocknell | Sales and Marketing Manager, Universal Electro-Tech

Eleanor from The Family Travel Company spoke at one of my women’s events, it was so well-received by the audience and myself! I have a trip coming up and felt so much better educated on health and safety while travelling particularly within WA itself, and the importance of being prepared. Thanks again Eleanor!

Lizelle Hartley | Founder of Smart Collective