Shared Values

At the heart of everything we do are our Shared Values. They are the foundations for the decisions we make, the steps we take, along with collaborations and partnerships to deliver an excellent and unique experience which delights our team, our clients and community.

1. We Define Ourselves As Unconventional

We imagine.
We create.
We are resourceful.
We make it reality.
We dare to be different.

The day we cease to use our creativity and imagination, and stop challenging conventions, we will just another travel agency.

2. We Amaze Our Clients & Community

We don’t create holidays; we create lifelong precious memories captured through personalised travel experiences.
We collaborate and partner to support, educate, and inspire.
We are loved for delivering a modern, holistic approach to family travel.

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3. The Only Way We Win Is Together

We are committed to local communities.
We serve and support enjoying a local experience and making a positive impact.
We make great efforts to build strong professional relationships, local and international for our family clients, whilst supporting local businesses.

4. We Get Uncomfortable To Grow

We are curious.
We embrace adventure.
We demonstrate enthusiasm for personal and professional growth.
We dare to venture out of our comfort zones.
We ask for help and learn from mistakes.

5. We Are Solution Driven

We Identify solutions not problems.
We love a challenge!
We are open, honest and consistent in our communication.
Health and safety are our number one priority.

6. Healthy Team = Happy Team

Healthy Team + Happy Team = the perfect recipe for friendships and fun, a productive, successful and thoroughly enjoyable work environment. This ultimately serves up the most delicious and mouth-watering travel experiences for our lucky families.

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