Research Proves Experiences Makes You Happier

Instead of Getting Showered with Gifts, Jump out of a Plane Instead!

Ok, so maybe not that extreme, unless ‘extreme sports’ are your thing, or you have a desire to skydive that is.

What I am trying to say is, there is way more value and happiness in experiences over ‘things’.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what clever folks have to say about it.

“As you look back and reminisce over experiences, you feel even happier than you did in the moment. The joy actually increases as time passes.”


Happiness in a Bag?

Dr. Thomas Gilovich is a Psychology Professor at Cornell University. He’s been studying the question of money and happiness for a really long time, in fact since Ross and Rachel were first on a break.

Dr. G says,

“We buy things to make us happy.”

And we do, don’t we? Who doesn’t love the feel of carrying our newly purchased possessions in branded, shiny bags?

Woman Shopping for luxury items

Not Actually Happy Ever After

But, and here’s the catch, the excitement doesn’t last.

The Doc. sadly tells us,

“We adapt to new things.”

We get used to them, bored of them even.

Then, we need to buy more stuff – that’s another story though.

How Can We Be Happy?

Ok so that’s the doom and gloom out the way.

Now, our Doctor of happiness has some GOOD news for us.

An experience is the gift that just keeps on giving. Woohoo!


I repeat …

“As you look back and reminisce over experiences, you feel even happier than you did in the moment. The joy actually increases as time passes.”

Feel the Social Media Love

And guess what?

An experience will make you popular too.*

Our clever scientist worked out that while we don’t like hearing about other people’s possessions very much, in fact we do like hearing about ‘that time you went on a Waterbike adventure in South Perth’, or ‘that time you sailed to Carnac Island on a luxury Catamaran‘.

*not actually proven, but quite likely.

Luxury Catamaran Tour Perth Western Australia
Living their best lives on ‘Eventide’ over at Carnac Island

Ditch the Pressie for an Experience

How about celebrating a special occasion with an experience?

You know, instead of violently destroying overpriced wrapping paper revealing the shiny new toy, you neatly scribed on your birthday list months prior.

Special occasion experiences are those moments you want to make a big deal of.

  • A 21st or indeed any milestone birthday that ends in zero
  • Much anticipated proposals
  • Huge announcements
  • Reunions – when everyone had more hair

Over the Years…


  • Seriously compromised your sanity and caused injury by organising a surprise party
  • Bought Kanye, Kim or Kylie celebrity-endorsed jewellery and grooming products
  • Contributed to Apple world domination buying shiny new iPhones
  • Personalised everything from a jar of Marmite to Lego keyrings. 

What’s even left…?

Toblerone personalised
Image courtesy of Toblerone, O-fficial!

There You Have It

So, when all is said and done, who are we to argue with a Doctor of happiness?

Rather than buying the latest gadget or a new Tesla**, all the evidence says you’ll be happier if you spend money on experiences.

**super rich gift and incredibly unlikely.

How Can We Help You?

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If you don’t know the answer to this, ask yourself why, and answer honestly.

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