Our Mission, Vision
and Purpose


We save families time and money by removing the burden and stress of travel planning. We provide a community environment which delivers education, support and inspiration – creating a sense of belonging.


Families recharge, reconnect and bond through their travel experiences; developing confidence and resilience as they explore the unknown and try new things.

Our Purpose

We define ourselves as unconventional delivering a fresh approach to travel, which appreciates modern family dynamics.

To generalise the Purpose of The Family Travel Company under one individual statement would dilute the powerful reasons behind each of our unique products and services. Therefore, we have broken our Purpose down to reflect the three core areas within which we support families, to experience the world both locally and internationally.

Western Australia

We are committed to local communities.
We serve and support enjoying a local experience and making a positive impact.
We make great efforts to build strong professional relationships, local and international for our family clients, whilst supporting local businesses.

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Bespoke International Travel

Bespoke Travel Planning

To ensure West Australian families are travelling overseas with complete peace of mind.

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The Community

The Community

To educate, support and inspire families who desire to experience the world together.

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