Meet us

Eleanor Chappell


Travel enthusiast. Wife. Mother. Forever learning…

Chasing sunshine and new adventures, Eleanor and her husband Gavin emigrated from Nottingham in the UK to Western Australia in 2014. Eleanor spent several years working as a Police Officer in WA before welcoming baby Xander.

Combining motherhood, her passion for travel and her love of supporting local businesses, she gained a Certificate III in Travel and launched the Family Travel Company in 2018.

The Family You Choose

“Travel was a form of escapism from the harsh realities of my job,” Eleanor says about the 10 years she spent as a Police Officer in England and WA. “As I got older my personal values changed along with my appreciation of travel experiences.”

Today, Eleanor’s ‘family’ includes the former police colleagues and friends she has met in Western Australia, along with those loved ones I left behind in the UK.

“I’m excited to share my passion for travel with other families and create unique experiences that the whole family will love!”

When she is not thinking about travel, Eleanor has a penchant for kickboxing, champagne and ‘belly laughs’ with crazy friends and family.

Gavin Chappell


As well as being an awesome Dad to Xander, Nico and family dog, Shadow, Gavin says he was delighted to accept the position of ‘Happy Helper’ even though he did not apply for it! It basically means he does anything the boss, aka Eleanor, asks.

This has included personally ‘testing’ many Western Australian accommodation and tourism experiences to build The Family Travel Company portfolio. To ensure they meet the company’s stringent standards, of course.

Adventures, Sightseeing and Pool Bars …

The devoted Liverpool fan struggles a bit in the sun so prefers alternating the days on holiday sightseeing or enjoying an adventure, and breaking this up with relaxation and quality family time by the pool bar of course!

Xander and Nico


Our youngest recruits, Xander and Nico were born 20 months apart and are the best of friends (honestly). Xander’s biggest life challenge so far has been eating anything other than cheese pizza and grapes! Whilst Nico has mastered the art of walking and diving everywhere! However, they both have the talent for melting ladies’ hearts with their big, blue eyes.

Kids Who Travel The World

Xander is already well travelled having visited 5 countries and loves exploring new places. He is an expert at smiling for Instagram photos, adores grapes and is ready for his next adventure! Nico is waiting patiently for his first international adventure, but for now, he has swapped his ‘wings for wheels’ and enjoyed rolling around naked all over Crown Towers’ beds!



Shadow moved to Australia from the UK with Eleanor and Gavin. She was rescued when she was 3 months old while her Mum was ‘fighting crime’ and has loved life ever since.

She likes to relax by swimming at the beach or hanging out with her best friend, Juno the Dalmatian, and keeps fit chasing after her ball.

Dreaming Of A Coastal Escape…

Lately, Shadow has been dreaming of a coastal escape with her family,  where she can enjoy everyday relaxing on the beach, taking in the sea breeze, wetting her paws, and occasionally playing throw and catch with her little brothers, Xander and Nico.

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