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The Most Famous Country In The World

Your Experience

There’s far more than just Disney, donuts and theme parks to this great big county. It’s time to go beyond the cliché to experience towering forests, deserts, volcanos and beaches in the land of the free.

A sensible starting point in planning any holiday to the USA is to consider the ages of your children. Then think about what you would all like to get out of the trip whether it’s sightseeing, relaxing or thrill seeking.

Perhaps each person gets to choose something for the whole family to participate in. New and shared experiences make for wonderful holiday memories.

Start Your Journey

Where to go?

America is easy to navigate given the English road signs and the established infrastructure. An epic road trip is the perfect way to take in several destinations in one holiday.

There are over 60 National Parks in the USA for your family to explore. Together you can marvel at the geysers, swim in the lakes, watch grizzly bears (from a safe distance) and even go alpine trekking.

Head to the Wild West and live on a ranch. Or, take a journey to the deep south for a tour through the musical landscape and iconic towns.

What to do?

Ancient artefacts, interactive technology, dinosaur exhibits and space shuttles; you’ll find enough to satisfy even the most curious family members in the world class museums of the USA.

Alternative thrill seekers can climb aboard a Top Gun fighter jet near Las Vegas or fly over a live volcano in Hawaii.

Whatever you do on your great American Adventure be sure to leave some free time to be spontaneous together. Enjoy each other. Embrace the journey as much as the destination.

The USA is custom built for families, find out how you can enjoy everything this immense country has to offer.

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