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The Land of the Rising Sun

Situated off the eastern coast of the Asian continent, Japan is a captivating island country. An incredible family holiday destination that’s delivers a feast for the senses.

All too often we rely on the staples of a resort swimming pool and a kids-club for a family holiday. Instead, Japan offers you the chance to experience many firsts together as a family. Research shows that doing something new together actually strengthens the bond you feel for one another. This means you’re in for a really special family holiday.

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Where to go?

Japan is a land of great contrast where you can bask on a subtropical beach one day then discover the life of a Geisha the next. Experience the thrill of travelling on the Shinkansen, the fastest train in the world, to see a medieval castle or take in the culture in Kyoto. Train travel in Japan is ideal for families as it’s safe, clean and reliable.

Natural beauty abounds in Japan thanks to the World Heritage sites and National Parks. In Yudanaka, for example you can enjoy a dip in the natural hot springs alongside the cheeky snow monkeys. Highly amusing and exciting all at once.

What to do?

The Japanese culture is special. Kindness and respect are just part of life. Family is especially important and cherished above all else. Dining out is a pleasure as restaurants and cafes offer thoughtfully created kids-menus and serve food that’s fun to eat.

From ethical animal encounters and cherry blossoms to futuristic Tokyo, neon skyscrapers and theme parks, Japan makes for a truly engaging family holiday destination.

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