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The Old Continent

With seven different geographic regions packed relatively close together, a trip to Europe gives you the chance experience a rich abundance of culture all in one holiday.

A European adventure is something you’ll never forget; a shared voyage of discovery with your family as ‘shipmates.’ Revel in every kind of landscape imaginable. From cityscapes to beaches via mountains, rivers, parks and monuments, Europe has them all, and a story to go with it too.

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Where to go ?

The variable climate is definitely part of the holiday. Snow is present all year round in parts of Europe and many children or indeed adults will have never seen it before. A real Instagram worthy moment. In stark contrast, countries in the Mediterranean boast breathtaking beaches. Packing can be a challenge so make time to check out the shops in the fashion capitals of the world.

The transport systems are superb across the continent which means it’s super easy to navigate. Journeys between countries and cities is very much part of the experience. Let older children work out the timetables and buy the tickets. Real life problem solving right there. In fact, the whole experience of travelling through different countries and communicating with the locals can boost confidence and fire curiosity in our kids.

What to do ?

Food and drink play a huge part in the traditions of European countries. Delight in the cuisine first hand as you dine on a smorgasbord of unique meats, delicacies and of course Belgian chocolate.

Europe is a place where history lessons come to life. From the ruins of Rome to the seafaring Vikings, no one can fail to be inspired by the lives and achievements of our great ancestors.

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