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Come Back Glowing

Returning from your holidays wishing you hadn’t overindulged sound familiar? Your motivation for getting back into shape is sky high, and you have the following months gym schedule with strict diet confirmed, and in your diary the day before heading home! We have all been there. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Don’t feel bad about relaxing and treating yourself. But, how good would it feel to ‘come back glowing’?

Your motivation to keep fit and healthy will of course still be there however, you aren’t suffering from a wave of guilt for consuming too much of the ‘bad stuff’, (or is it the ‘good stuff’!)

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Designed With Road Trips In Mind

The Family Travel Company has teamed up with Paul Werndly, Perth born and bred practicing Naturopath and Health Coach with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. We are delighted to bring you our Healthy Menu Inspiration Series specifically designed with road trips in mind.

Paul Werndly ND is a Naturopath, Healthy Cooking Coach and Educator with 25 years’ experience.
He has lectured in all areas of Natural Medicine, history and philosophy.

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Self-Contained Accommodation

Conventional Vegetarian Gluten Free

Caravan And Camper Cooking

Conventional Vegetarian

Be Prepared. Enjoy Great Food. Save Time & Money

Regardless of whether you are hardcore camping, taking the caravan out for a spin, or eagerly heading off to your self-contained beach house accommodation, there is something for all. We’ve also included vegetarian and gluten free options too.
For specific recipe guidance or any questions relating to the menus please do not hesitate to contact us.

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