See Below For Some Of Our Frequently Asked Questions

How much are The Family Travel Company Professional Fees?

Our Professional Fees depend on the location and complexity of our clients’ holidays. For example: whether the Experience is domestic or international, the amount of flights / accommodations involved etc. A full breakdown of our fees can be found at the end of our Terms and Conditions under Schedule of Fees.

What do the Professional Fees include?

Our Bespoke Travel services are detailed here with a breakdown of the inclusions. Our Professional Fees are further detailed at the end of our Terms and Conditions under ‘Schedule of Fees’. Should you have any further questions about the Professional Fees, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

What is included in the Family Concierge service?

Our Family Concierge which is part of The Black Swan service includes the following:

  • Lead all communication with accommodation providers and tourism operators, and manage any special requests;
  • Basic scheduling as part of the professional itinerary development;
  • Research and / or arrange restaurant reservations as requested; and
  • Booking of additional activity components as requested


For more complex Concierge requests such as:

  • Extensive scheduling; and/or
  • Basic pantry kit / food shopping for arrival; and/or
  • Preparations for a special event

these will incur additional costs and will be quoted on an individual case-by-case basis.

What is an Experience Profile?

The Experience Profile is a document for our family clients to complete when they choose The Family Travel Company. This document takes our clients through a series of questions which not only raises their excitement levels but has been designed to allow us to ‘get to know our clients’; their needs, requirements, desires and purpose of the holiday. The information provided in this document is the foundation of the itinerary we create for our clients.

How long does it take to create an itinerary?

This depends on the complexity of the Experience. For example, multiple flights and accommodations along with special requests within one Experience, will take longer than a simple flight to one destination with one accommodation supplier. Once we have received a completed Experience Profile, we will advise the client of when to expect their professional itinerary.

We only take on a certain amount of Bespoke Travel clients per month to ensure we deliver on our promises 100%. Our advice to families considering using our Services is to inquire and book a free 30-minute consultation. This will provide the opportunity to discuss unique requirements and should a family wish to have their travel plans fully managed by The Family Travel Company, they can secure their Personal Consultant in advance.

Can I do the 30-minute consultation via Skype?

Yes, if a face-to-face consultation is not suitable, we can chat over the phone or via Skype / Zoom. We exercise flexibility to match our clients’ needs.

Can you help out with last-minute holidays?

Yes, we can support families who wish to take a last-minute holiday. This helps by taking the stress out of last-minute planning. However, although we respect our clients’ budgets, we do not specialise in last-minute ‘cheap deals’. We specialise in creating the perfect Experience unique to each family.

Do you do Travel Insurance?

Yes, we do support our family clients with Travel Insurance through the choices of Cover-More and SureSave Travel Insurance providers. Safety of our family clients is number one priority.

Do you provide services to travellers coming into Western Australia?

Yes, we are delighted to open up our Bespoke Travel service to international visitors. We welcome inquiries from families all over the world. We are happy to arrange Skype calls with international clients and look forward to welcoming international visitors to the State.

The added bonus for international visitors is, if any assistance is required whilst on holiday in Western Australia, your Personal Consultant is within the same time zone and even better – in the same State.

What if I decide to change my destination after an itinerary has been completed?

Professional Fees are per Experience i.e. One complete itinerary. Therefore, changing destinations will incur an additional fee.

Due to the professional and personalised service we provide, and the time invested in creating each individual itinerary, should a family wish to change their intended destination completely, this would require a new itinerary to be created from scratch.

Professional Fees are non-refundable. This is why we offer a free 30-minute consultation to review our clients’ needs and expectations before we proceed.
Our family clients’ happiness is extremely important to us.

Please review Section 2 of our Terms and Conditions – ‘Bespoke Travel Procedure’ which also covers this topic.

What are WA Experiences?

WA Experiences are minimum 3-night getaways in Western Australia. The Family Travel Company has partnered with local WA businesses to develop a selection of family-oriented short stays. The focus is on being able to spend quality time together and have the opportunity to relax. All WA Experiences are created with the purpose of supporting local businesses within travel and tourism.

All WA Experiences can be further customised upon a client’s request. This will have cost implications.

Please visit our WA Travel Experiences page to find out more.

How do I get access to TFTC App?

TFTC App is exclusive to the clients of The Family Travel Company. Our family clients obtain access via engaging in one of our services; The Black Swan or The Smart Swan service. Please visit Our Services page to find out more.
TFTC App is not open to the general public, and cannot be accessed without a login and password created by a Consultant of The Family Travel Company.

We are very proud of the unique service delivery we provide through TFTC App; our clients receive a personalised service with the exclusive features and benefits.

Where is my personal data stored?

Our family clients’ safety is number one priority. This is not just whilst on holiday but also in terms of protecting the information communicated to us.

Due to the nature of our services, The Family Travel Company make bookings on our clients’ behalf; personal data is not only managed in line with the Company’s stringent practices, but also managed by third party suppliers in line with their own independent policies and procedures.

Our clients’ personal data is handled as per our Privacy Policy which can be located on our website.

How long has The Family Travel Company been trading?

The Family Travel Company was registered in September 2018. The company started trading in February 2019.

Do you have any Professional Accreditations?

Yes, The Family Travel Company has been awarded the ATAS Accreditation which is administered by AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents). ATAS is a national accreditation scheme, endorsing travel agents who have met strict financial, and customer service criteria.

What if I have a problem on holiday?

Through our TFTC App, clients have access to a direct messaging service to their Personal Consultant. This is fast, easy and efficient. This is not a 24 hour / 7 days per week phone answering service, and there will be time zone implications as your Personal Consultant is based in Western Australia.
This is why a full comprehensive breakdown of ‘Important Contact Numbers’ will be uploaded to every clients TFTC App account. This provides peace of mind in an emergency for any segment of their travel; they will be able to make contact with the relevant person if their Personal Consultant is not on hand immediately.



We can’t go on abroad at the moment because of covid restrictions so what’s the point in joining the Community?

The core focus of The Travel Community is to deliver a Bespoke Travel Lifestyle. This is currently focused on the ‘local experience’ to meet current travel needs and demands. However, we hold events and will be holding exclusive online interviews with international travel and tourism destination specialists, to inspire and support members’ informed travel choices for the future.

The Community is much than just ‘booking a local experience’. It is about helping you experience new things in and around Perth whilst connecting with likeminded people, it’s about rebuilding your trust around travel again and giving you peace of mind. It is about helping you be the best version of yourself before your holiday so you can soak up and enjoy every precious moment whilst you are on holiday.

The Community delivers a holistic approach to travel.

I don’t have any children, can I still join?

Of course, The Family Travel Community is for all kinds of families. Family is a wonderfully inclusive word which means something different to each of us. It’s about spending time with your favourite people, regardless of age, status or formal title. It’s for you to decide and you’re welcome in the Community.

What are the cost of event tickets?

This depends on the event itself. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a standard cost for each event where there is a ticket purchase requirement. For example, an event which has an associated tourism activity will attract a different cost to an event which is a social get together only.

How do the community members access the 'Travel Lifestyle Experts'?

Our Travel Lifestyle Experts may be guest speakers / attendees at The Community’s Face to Face events or featured in online interviews. Members will be able to connect with the experts at events in person or online of they connect to the meeting. The Community page on the website features a number of our Travel Lifestyle Experts too with full contact details.

What if I cannot make the online interviews and Q&A sessions?

Not to worry, all sessions will be recorded with the links made available to members. These sessions can be watched at your own leisure. Key points will be communicated on the fortnightly newsletters.

Is there is lock-in contract for membership?

No, there is no lock-in contracts for the membership. However, we do strongly recommend you remain as a member for a year before reviewing your options, to truly experience the benefits. This is because we have an extensive and ever-growing database of local and international experts, and we deliver different content regularly to suit current attitudes towards travel and new trends.

Our events schedule is also creative and varied and no two events are ever the same.

Please review our full terms and conditions for The Family Travel Community which breaks down the Membership obligations.

How do we access resources?

The resources can be accessed via the Files section within the private Facebook Group labelled with the relevant topic.

How often are the events?

Events, at a minimum will be bi-monthly however, may be monthly depending on the activities that are selected and the availability. Events are a mixture of face to face and online.

Am I allowed to bring my family to ‘Member only Events’?

One membership covers family members residing in the same household. For example, a husband / wife / partner and / or dependent children. Therefore yes, at exclusive member only events (where appropriate), the invite extends to family members in the same household.