The Freeman Family

Bella’s story

Bella Freeman is a successful Perth business owner in the health and wellness industry. Not only this, Bella is a very happy wife, and mother to two beautiful daughters.

2020 is the Freeman’s year for, a – holiday – of – a – lifetime. A spectacular USA experience! This isn’t an average 2-week holiday. This is 5 weeks of adventure, magical encounters, adrenalin rush and shopping, (with a dose of well-earned relaxation mixed in).

Bella’s challenge

Bella understands there is much more to this experience than a simple flight and accommodation booking. There are multiple international and domestic flights, multiple accommodation providers, transport considerations, safety considerations, and effective planning to maximise the time they have as a family. Bella knows this means hours of research for her and due to the complexity of the experience, the risk of making costly mistakes is very high. This takes more time to rectify, whether it is before, during or after the holiday.

Bella is an extremely busy lady running her own business with an intense schedule. Spending hours researching this experience is an overwhelming thought, especially when she was not sure where to even start. Bella knew she needed to invest in the services of a professional and reached out to Eleanor from The Family Travel Company.

During the 30 minute consultation (over coffee and cake of course), it was immediately clear Bella felt excited but overwhelmed at the same time; excited because of the visions playing over and over in her mind of the memories they will make as a family, but overwhelmed trying to figure out how she was going to bring this together for them.

Start Your Journey

The Freeman’s personal consultant

And breathe Bella …

After the consultation was finished, the caffeine and sugar hit added to the pure excitement for Bella. The hardest job she had to do was to spend 20 – 30 minutes with her husband Graham and the girls, ticking off the needs, requirements and desires of their USA mega-trip on the Experience Profile. More excitement!!

The overwhelm had disappeared. Endless hours of research juggling different travel components and complex logistics had now turned into zero hours of research. Bella was entrusting this experience to the expertise of Eleanor.

‘Click here to view your itinerary’

Bella woke up one morning to the email she had been eagerly waiting for – a link to her customised family USA spectacular experience. No detail spared. A smooth transition from and to each destination, with a thoughtful and logical route developed and basic scheduling for inspiration.

How much is your time worth?

Research shows Australians spend anywhere up to 24 hours planning their holiday. Furthermore, 64% of Australians do this on works time. Is this you?
If so, are you spending this time conducting quality research to minimise costly mistakes?

Bella recognised straight away the very best use of her time was to invest in the services of a professional who can take on the full management of such a complex itinerary.

I met Eleanor at a networking event and it was perfect timing for me… [because] it filled me with dread thinking about all of the organising, the hassle, booking the flights, where we go, where’s the best place to stay… from the minute [Eleanor] started sharing with me what she does, I thought, you are the perfect person. All the hard work is done for you.

Bella Freeman Regional Vice President - Arbonne