A Proposal Under the Stars

Rosemary’s Dream

“Eleanor, I need to organise something very special. I want to propose to my partner [Dawn]. I have this vision in my head but I don’t know how to make it happen”

Rosemary likes unique, she likes to do things differently, she likes the ‘wow’ factor. Rosemary’s vision was actually inspired by the Quinta Da Pacheca – Wine Barrel accommodation in Portugal. It wasn’t that Rosemary had to have this accommodation option and scene setting for her proposal getaway. It was the ‘out of the box’ thinking, the non-traditional experience of ‘living outdoors’, and doing something they haven’t done before. It was the little touches to personalise the experience that she was looking for.

The only mandatory requirements for the itinerary creation was the getaway needed to be in Western Australia and ideally a 2-night stay.

Bringing Rosemary’s Vision into Fruition

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” Vincent Van Gough

  • Creating a bespoke itinerary for this special event was extremely exciting not only for Rosemary but for the 6 small businesses in WA who were all part of the magic.

Dawn had no idea what the plan for the two days was. Everything was a surprise. She didn’t even know she was going away until she actually arrived at Nancy’s Meadow…

Nancy’s Meadow, Swan Valley is private land operated by Nancy Bell Events. On this occasion, Nancy’s Meadow was reserved entirely for Rosemary and Dawn.

Rosemary and Dawn settled into Nancy’s Executive Suite on a November evening. A 6-meter luxury tent on decking with a king bed, dining area, fireplace, seating area, wardrobe and exclusive access to the river. This was glamping with all the ‘bells and whistles’!

Evening meal was at the local – The Henley Brook, before heading back to the glampsite and cosying up under the stars.

Being spoilt for choice by the local vineyards and cafes for a delectable breakfast was not the highlight of the second day. But it was a pretty amazing start!

At 1:30pm on day 2 a stunning Jaguar MK5 Convertible arrived at Nancy’s meadow to whisk the pair off to Sittella Vineyard. This visit marks the very first time Rosemary and Dawn have visited a winery – ever! Now, Rosemary isn’t a big drinker but the experience is what she was after. A wine tasting followed by lunch on the veranda overlooking the vineyard was the perfect afternoon. It doesn’t end here…

Trying to fit in as many vineyards as possible wasn’t something Dawn and Rosemary would appreciate. It would feel rushed and tasting copious amounts of wine wasn’t the goal. Therefore, the next vineyard was not just another vineyard, it was a private tour and tasting of Olive Farm Wines. A behind the scenes experience.

There were two purposes to this afternoon tour; one was Rosemary and Dawn experiencing their first Vineyard tour and gaining a little insight into the wine region of Swan Valley. The second reason was (in a polite a way as possible), to ensure Rosemary and Dawn were far enough away from Nancy’s Meadow to allow the preparations for the special event.

Luxury glamping in Swan Valley Western Australia

The Proposal

Rosemary and Dawn returned to Nancy’s Meadow at dusk. As they made their way to their accommodation, they see a second tent set up by the river. Rosemary walks Dawn towards this second tent (who is very curious by now). As Dawn enters the tent, she is greeted with a romantic cosy set up of red roses, nibbles and (more) wine. However, as Dawn turns around, she sees Rosemary’s big question lit up inside the tent … MARRY ME?
Here’s a snippet of what Rosemary and Dawn had to say…

“I met with Eleanor Chappell from The Family Travel Company back in July 2019 and showed her a few images of what I had in mind and within days she sent back a ‘Vision Board’. I knew there was no turning back and this woman seriously had her finger on the pulse. She was truly able to understand how to customise and put together an unforgettable experience.”

Rosemary Hocknell

“Thank you so much Eleanor for making it so beautiful and special and for all the extra fine touches you added”

Dawn Norton