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Did you know that on average Australians spend a whopping 24 hours planning and confirming travel arrangements for an international holiday?

Factor in work and family commitments and the excitement of taking an overseas trip can quickly become dimmed by the logistics of travelling with kids.

We’re talking hours spent hunting down that ideal flight and the ongoing search for your dream holiday accommodation. Add to this, transportation requirements, health, safety and security considerations. Not to mention research and planning out some exciting things to see and do. It can all feel quite overwhelming.

This is where The Family Travel Company can help. We have created two unique services specifically for busy families. The next step is to choose one of our services below and start your journey by contacting us for your free consultation.

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The Black Swan

The Black Swan service is perfect for time-poor families who are seeking to create their dream holiday, without the stress and risk of making costly mistakes. Those families who are looking for the ultimate peace of mind experience with all the ‘bells and whistles’.

We will:

  • Complete a Family Experience Profile to learn more about your timeframe, accommodation needs, budget and must-see destinations
  • Research, develop and book your itinerary, taking care of all logistics, including any safety concerns, and all accommodation and transport needs
  • Introduce you to our exclusive TFTC App with a private account for next level interaction and engagement at your fingertips

We are proud to offer a personalised Family Concierge as part of The Black Swan service.

We will:

  • Lead all communication with accommodation providers and tourism operators and manage any special requests you have
  • Provide ideas and inspiration to help you plan ahead and make the most out of each day with our professional itinerary development.
  • Book reservations at sought after restaurants so you don’t miss out.

Or chat to us about:

  • More involved concierge service requests* (e.g. extensive scheduling, basic pantry supplies or food shopping for arrival, and preparations for a special event).

*Terms & Conditions & additional fees apply.

From $480

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Travel Docs at your Fingertips

The exclusive TFTC App is a 24-7 travel companion and smart
communication system providing next level service for busy families.

The Smart Swan

We understand there are some talented and enthusiastic families out there who love planning and organising their own holiday. But there’s one problem. After spending hours of your precious time building the perfect dream getaway, you are faced with an email inbox overflowing with reservation confirmations, itinerary breakdowns and receipts. Or, your kitchen worktop becomes home to a mound of printed booking confirmations equivalent to half a tree. Even worse, a combination of the two!

The answer to this problem is nothing other than our Smart Swan service.

Hello TFTC app. A 24-7 travel companion and smart communication system exclusive to the clients of The Family Travel Company.

Perfect for busy families who are super smart at creating their family holiday, but need everything neatly organised and stored in one place; itinerary, tickets, vouchers, documents and more!

You will love

  • Storage of personal travel documents
  • Offline maps that can be downloaded to use without any network connections
  • A currency tab offering real time conversions to more than 50 currencies.
  • Trip check list that can be customised
  • Electronic diary to capture precious moments

And more!

Plus, you will receive a complimentary TFTC destination guide relevant to the country you are travelling to.

Account creation and exclusive access $75

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