About Us

We Create Extraordinary Experiences

A fusion of expertise, passion, local and global travel relationships; The Family Travel Company creates extraordinary experiences.

We help time-poor professionals connect with like-minded families and experience the world safely and awesomely.

We’re fanatical about making our industry the best it can be – for families, tourist operators, airlines, hotels, accommodation providers right through to the local hand-crafted gelato shop on the beach

We’re a source of inspiration for families who refuse to settle for any less than extraordinary.

Our Journey

“Travel was a form of escapism from the harsh realities of the job.” Founder, Eleanor says about the 10 years she spent as a Police Officer in England and WA.

“As  I got older my personal values changed along with my appreciation of travel experiences”.

Enter – The Family Travel Company

The Family Travel Company started out as a way to help families coordinate, organise and plan their international adventures and once-in-a-lifetime holidays.

Well, that seems like a while ago.

COVID-19 forced us to go right back to basics.

We asked ourselves “What do we know about Australians?”

We’re a nation of travellers – both home and abroad. We love to travel and that wasn’t going to change overnight.

We also asked a bunch of West Australians what they wanted. And we chose to focus on different ways to support people as their travel lifestyles change. New opportunities. New Services.

We Recognise The Value Of:

  • Education
  • Trust
  • Confidence
  • Safety

Trust and confidence is at an all-time low. We seek to rebuild that trust and confidence, and connect West Australians direct to overseas travel and tourism operators.

We want you to feel safe and excited about travelling again.

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Perth’s First-Official Travel Community

Be among like-minded people as we navigate the ‘new normal’ when it comes to travel. Together with our Travel Partners, and this community (that’s you), we can be the pioneers.

How can we help you?

We support time-poor working professionals (with or without kids) enjoy a bespoke travel lifestyle, which saves you time and delivers incredible value for money.

We connect families with travel lifestyle specialists to support healthy travel decisions.

We offer Exclusive Community Events where you can mingle with like-minded people in some pretty spectacular locations.

Let’s not forget our collection of short getaways in WA. We connect ‘experience seekers’ with our local travel and tourism partners, helping you take that much needed – well deserved break. Our Community Members get Exclusive Perks on short getaways!

Your Essential Travel Consultancy

A holiday makes us fall in love with our family all over again. We build our hectic day-to-day lives around those ‘epic trips of a lifetime’. Trying to arrange an international trip is information overload with a giant emotional attachment.

How can we help you?

We understand where you’re at.

We know you spend hours googling accommodations, destinations, and flight options.

Let us do all that for you! Our International Travel Planning service is made for trips of a lifetime. Contact us to get on the waitlist for when we can adventure overseas again.

Delivering The Travel Experience Differently

We’re all about community and curiosity, awe-inspiring experiences and challenges. We don’t settle for something we don’t feel is right, and we know you don’t either. Life is for adventuring, together. Wellness is what we strive for and there’s lots of laughter in our lives.

We actively seek out ways to have a positive impact as The Family Travel Company.

If you have a passion for living your best life all year round, not just on vacay, we’re on the same page.

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