About Us

Our Company

The Family Travel Company is a Travel Consultancy founded and located in Perth, Western Australia. Since its inception in 2018 the Consultancy has been enjoying creating unforgettable experiences delivering complete peace of mind.

Our Mission

To save families time and money by removing the burden of complex travel planning, and create a holiday of their dreams with a personalised service.

Our Vision


  • are being inspired and educated through local and global adventures
  • develop confidence and resilience as they explore the unknown and try new things
  • are recharging, reconnecting and bonding through travel experiences.

Extraordinary Travel Moments

The Family Travel Company understands that no two families are the same. Whether you are connected by blood, marriage, friendship or life experiences, we can help you plan extraordinary travel moments with the family you choose.

We’re About Making Travel Plans that Help You

  • Connect and recharge
  • Spend quality time with the people you love
  • Enjoy new experiences together
  • Enjoy cultures, smells and tastes from across the globe

We’re all for multi-generational travel and milestone travel experiences. For organising memorable holidays that become part of your family’s folklore. We’re about travel experiences that teach values that cannot be learnt in a classroom.

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Exciting & Affordable

Go! See the world. But we also want to inspire you to see Western Australia. To show you that local travel is exciting and affordable; accessible and family-oriented.

Very Best Travel Experiences

We are equally passionate about supporting our local economy. By working with like-minded Western Australian travel and tourism businesses, we can share the very best experiences our State has to offer.

Hassle-free Family Travel

With a focus on hassle-free family travel in Western Australia and beyond, we’re ready to organise that road trip, luxury interstate break or international adventure you’ve been dreaming of. We take care of the details so you can concentrate on making memories!

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